Aluminium Continuous Strip Casters

Aluminium Continuous Strip Casters

Continuous Casters are today branded as ‘Machines of Choice’ for manufacturing aluminium strips and foils. The reasoning behind this is lower capital investment and lower operating costs. For integrated plants with further downstream process like foil rolling, these are very useful for scrap management. If all the scrap produced can be recycled in-house, it leads to increased efficiency.

Process of Casting

Two water cooled rolls accept molten metal through a ceramic mold. Upon solidification, it is rolled into a strip. The strip is then wound into a coil on a coiler and is further cold rolled in Rolling Mills. This produces sheets and foils.

Basic Specifications

Width (max) 2000 mm
Thickness 6-9 mm
Speed (max) 2mt/min

Melting / Holding furnaces :

Furnaces are used to melt aluminium ingots and scrap. Our manufactures are stationary and tilting furnaces with melt rate capacities up to 5 MT/hour. Aided by unique design and heat recuperation systems, these furnaces are very fuel efficient.

Services of Sambhav Machinery include

  • Manufacturing Horizontal as well as tilting type strip casters.
  • Supply of complete casting line which includes furnace, degassing, filtration, roll cooling systems
  • Design, manufacture, installation & commissioning.
  • Training & Technical knowhow sharing regarding strip casting process.
Roll Diameter 600 – 1000mm
Roll Length 1100 – 2200mm
Strip Width 900 – 2000mm
Thickness 6 – 10mm
Speed 1 – 2 mt/min
  • Optional – Rolls can also be fitted with copper shells for increased speed/productivity
  • Wide range of flat rolled products can be manufactured from cast strip including foils