Aluminium recycling and rolling expertise

Every reputed company has a predominant charging idea that guides through. For Sambhav Machinery, it is precision and strength. High precision and performance are a standard in every Sambhav deliverables.

Our experience and capabilities in rolling technology is proven even for the most demanding applications. We help manufacturers of flat products to operate at a higher rate of quality and efficiency.

Innovating and refining through experience

Sambhav Machinery is a specialist in Aluminium Recycling and Rolling technology. Committed only to aluminium rolling since last 30 years, we have developed utmost sophistication in manufacturing machines dedicated to aluminium flat products covering a wide range of solutions right from continuous casting to foil converting. Our extensive product range includes Melting / Holding Furnaces, Continuous casters, Cold rolling mills, Foil rolling mills, Foil separators / slitters, and all allied machinery involved in manufacturing and recycling of flat rolled products and foils.


Through single minded dedication and incessant research in aluminium rolling, we have accumulated deep experience in our field. With its expertise in Aluminium FRP, Sambhav Machinery aims at writing a new parlance for revolutionising the aluminium recycling sector without diversifying from its path. “Aluminum recycling and rolling expertise” aptly summarises our company philosophy.

Travelling every extra mile and going beyond mandate to cater to the client needs, Sambhav provides not just machinery, but every type of customisation vis-à-vis consultancy also. It ascertains the client requirements in detail, carries out product engineering and conducts feasibility studies including output ratio, product mix and automation levels.


The factor which raises demand for any new Technology is Quality. Only a product which matches global quality standards attract customers and buyers in the ever evolving, competitive market. Sambhav Machinery proudly boasts of hi-tech systems and vigilant control it employs to maintian and produce quality deliverables for esteemed clientele.

Sambhav has employed three stages of Quality check throughout its manufacturing facilities.

  • Detenctive Controls
  • Preventive Controls
  • Corrective Controls

These controls help ensure that the produced machinery of utmost precision and cutting edge in its output. Detective controls help detection of errors and deviations. Preventive controls help with preventing errors and deviations from standards setin advance. Corrective controls help verifying and review of the whole manufacturing process for immediate mitigtion like batch control, rejection, iterations, etc.

Besides above mentioned controls, Sambhav Machinery has applied Standard Operating Procedures for each and every units and departments, throughout the hierarchies of the organisation chart. Our Project management team comprises of specialised experts of the industry who are accustomed to deliver the best in quality within set timelines.

When you are dealing with Sambhav Machinery, be rest assured of Quality.