Aluminium Cold Rolling Mills

Aluminium Cold Rolling  Mills

Cold Rolling Mills are used to manufacture a wide range of products such as flooring / roofing sheets, finstock, closure stock, foil stock and litho stock.

The cold rolling process can be assigned to different process applications, each suited to the material finish requirements.

Since the commissioning of our first ever CRM in 1982, we are the pioneers in Indian aluminium rolling industry. Our rolling mills are customised according to suit individual requirements. Years of research and innovation have gone into design and development making our mills a symbol of refinement. We believe sophistication lies not only in designing, but also in the use of machinery. We have developed concise software for easy operation.

Our mills provide both breakdown and finishing capability, offering flexibility for the production of a wide product range from a single mill configuration.

Basic Specifications

Strip Width (max) 2000 mm
Thickness 9mm – 0.15mm
Speed (max) 1000 mt/min

CRM or Breakdown Mill can roll Hot Rolled / Cast Strip to desired thickness upto 0.1 mm

Strip Width 600 – 2100mm
Thickness 10mm – 0.1 mm
Speed Upto 1000 mt/min
Coil Weight Upto 15 mt
Speed 1 – 2 mt/min

Advanced Automation


End Products

General Usage (GEQ), Rolling sheets, Insulation Coils, Radiator Stock, Finstock, Closure Stock, Foil Stock, Transformer Strip, Heat exchanger strip, Fan Blades, Building sheets, Treed Plates.