Foil Intermediate Mills

Foil Intermediate Mills

These mills can be used to finish thicker gauge products as well as for rolling foil stock for supplying to foil finishing mills. Typical final thickness in such mills ranges in 40/50 microns. By addition of another decoiler, these mills can also be used for pack rolling where in final gauge can be 20 microns. These mills are very useful as they cater to a wider useful thickness range. They also take up most of the load of finishing mills. So finishing mills can be used dedicatedly for rolling thin gauge foils where length is increased because of reduced thickness. This increases productivity and efficiency both.


Basic Specifications

Width (max) 2000 mm
Speed (max) 1200 mt/min
Thickness 0.7 mm – 0.04mm / 0.018 mm * 2
  • Intermediate Mills are used to finish various thin strip products such as closure stock, fin stock, etc and also to supply foil stock to foil mills.
  • Intermediate Mill can also be designed for pack rolling to process thicker gauge foils.
Type 1 Type 2
Strip Width 600 – 2100 mm 600 – 2100 mm
Thickness 1 mm – .05 mm 0.3 mm – 0.009 * 2
0.6 mm – 0.02 mm * 2
Speed < 1000 mt/min 1000 mt/min
Weight < 15 mt

End Products

Type A : Radiator stock, Fin stock, Closure stock, Foil stock, Cable Foil

Type B : Container Foil, Household Foil, Converter Foil, Pharmaceutical Foil, (other than strip products) Lid Foil